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1. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates worked for each employer for the past two (2) years.

2. Name, account numbers, payment amount and balances of all charge accounts or installment debts you now pay.

3. Names, addresses, account numbers, and balances of all bank and credit union accounts which you now have open (specify savings or checking). Copy of last three (3) months bank statements.

4. If you have filed a bankruptcy in the last 10 years, a complete copy of your bankruptcy documents.

5. If you have a mortgage or have closed on any mortgages in the last two years, please include name, address, and document numbers of all accounts, along with the balance and payment amount if any.

6. Your address(es) for the past two (2) years. If applicable, name(s), address(es), and phone number(s) of your current and prior landlord(s).

7. A copy of your drivers license and social security card.

8. Awards letter, if you receive social security, welfare, pension, and/or child support payments of any kind.

9. A copy of your current pay stub with year to date earnings.

10. A copy of your last two (2) years tax returns with W-2's.

11. Year, make and value of automobiles and approximate value of your furniture and personal items.

12. If a VA loan, a copy of your DD214 and an original certificate of eligibility will be needed.
After completing our pre-qualification application, we will also need you to obtain the items listed below to start your loan application and processing.
Atlas Mortgage, Inc.